Broga Hill, 2015.

This gonna be my last hike to Broga. It is undeniably beautiful. Standing 1150 feet above sea level embracing mothernature after a long, challenging hike is something I’m gonna miss. But, I am sick with the mentality of other hikers. Broga is so popular that it received hundreds of visitors from all type of backgrounds everyday. Professional hikers, amateurs, couples, rempits, school kids, teenagers, you name it, Broga has it.

Broga is losing its serenity. Mothernature is no longer respected. I reached first peak at 6.00 AM, I was expecting calmness and only voices of the earth. But what I can only hear is a bunch of rempits tuning up their annoying music and sings to it like they were in a fucking karaoke lounge. It was fucking annoying. While next to me, there was this group of school kids chatting and laughing so loud like a pack of hyenas. A sore to my ears, a fucking sound pollution.

The most irritating part, was the cleanliness of the place. I saw empty water bottles everywhere, food wrappers, plastics. Have not you heard “Leave only footprints”? Oh and with this kind of attitude, you wanna change the world to a better place? You wanna get rid of the corrupted government when you yourself is stuck in a third class mentality. Now go fuck yourself will ya.

Too bad. Broga is breathtakingly beautiful. But humans are turning her into a common dirty recreation spot just like Templer park, Ulu Yam, Chillings and the like.





Trailblazerz Night Trail Run – Bukit Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

17 April 2015

When my cousin, Sasha told me that she is participating in a night trail run, I was excited and wanted to join. It was my first run in my twenty-eight years of living. Yes. I am suck at outdoors. I am the type who loves to be at home, stuffing my belly with junk food while watching movies and spending the whole day in front of my laptop. It sucks to be me, I know. But that day changed my life, it changed my perception towards mother nature. Who could have thought that engaging with muddy, bumpy trails can make you feel more alive than ever. I was motivated, I wanted to do it again and again, and again.

The weather was good and fair. We arrived at Bukit Kiara around 8.00 PM, thirty-minutes earlier than we supposed to. Few of the participants also had arrived early. We greet each other and had a short conversation. As a newbie, there are a lot I can learn from the professionals. Hats off to them, some are in their early forties! Thirty minutes later, the night trail run organizer, Mr. Hatta Affendy from Trailblazerz showed up. Great guy, always smiled. He briefed us accordingly and lead a warm-up session before we went into the woods.

Headlight, on. Running shoes, tied. Water bottle, checked. Suddenly I was not so confident of myself. Can I do this? Can I finish eight kilometres of trails, for the first time in my life? Then we start running. At first, it was easy peasy as we went through a straight trail. Then I started to slow down as the paths were starting to get tougher. Tried to maintain slow pace, I was left behind by other runners including Sasha. Fret not, those ‘abang-abang sado’ from Trailblazerz accompanied me through out my run 😛

There were few pit stops though. So I managed to catch-up my group just to get left behind again after that. No worries though, Trailblazerz team was being very helpful. Few of the guys never leave me alone. I was embarrassed of myself, what a loser I was. I keep blaming myself at that time. I feel like I should not be there. My weak and unfit body are only slowing them down. I almost cried but I keep moving on. Nothing ain’t stopping me so I thought.

I almost fainted, I can’t breathe properly and I almost gave up. But I don’t want to disappoint other participants, so I continue. I was the only member left. It was raining and the thunder was rumbling. A Chinese guy stayed with me along the run. I slipped few times and my left leg started to cramp. Just a few miles before I reached the final stop, my shoes torn apart. Imagine me running in the dark, stepping on those razor sharp rocks and roots without shoes. I keep going on. I whispered to myself, I can do this. I can do this.

After two hours and thirty minutes of trailing, I saw dimmed headlights from afar. I know I was closed. As soon as the Trailblazerz members set their eyes on me, they cheered and gave me the biggest applause I’ve ever received in my entire life. I cried a bit. I was being emotional. Victory is finally mine!




Disclaimer : All of the photos above are courtesy of Google.


Tips and tricks – Jerangkang Waterfall, Pahang.

1. Toll : MYR5.00 via Karak & MYR13.40 via Srijaya exit.

2. 4WD rental : MYR30 per pax (Return transfer). You gonna need to prepare a list of participants name together with ID number and contact number in case of emergency. Please prepare this earlier so you will not wasting your time writing it down at the drop-off point. You can contact Encik Jefri at  013 997 6368 to book your transportation.

3. Please be advised that larger group (> 15 pax) needs a 1 tonne lorry in order to reach Jerangkang Waterfall. The off road is quit bumpy. To those who has car sickness, prepare your pills!

4. Easy trails from the 4WD drop-off point to second base camp approximately around fifteen minutes or less.

5. Jerangkang has many tiers, the water is deep and the current at the waterfall area is quite strong. Please use a life jacket for your own safety.

6. I would suggest you not to fish in this area as it will only ruin the ecosystem. The fishes are too small after all. Unless you are the catch and release type of angler.

7. Please, please bring your trash back with you. Do not leave it there. There were few of Singaporeans who camped nearby us, left a huge amount of trash such as polysterene cups and plates, plastic bags, cans and more. Please respect our sacred mother nature.

8. This place is suitable for abseiling and flying fox activities provided that you have the right gear and equipment.

9. There is this one shop next to Masjid Kg Gelugor sells the crazily delicious Laksa. Me myself had two bowls. A must try.


Hutan Lipur Jerangkang, Pahang – Of the Virgin Woods and Yellow Butterflies (Part II)

26 April 2015 (Sunday)

One thing I noticed, there were a lot of butterflies in this untouched forest. Most of it are yellowish in colour.

7.00 AM – Not an early riser, I woke up quite early on the second day. I cooked breakfast for the whole family. Kampung fried rice, french toasts, sausages and scramble eggs to start our day while my cousin prepared hot tea which is absolutely perfect for the morning cold. Me and my cousins decided to climb up to the peak of Jerangkang waterfall called Camp 23′ which takes approximately one hour to reach the upper tier.

Unfortunately, I am not fit enough to finish my hike. It was tiring. My heart feels like exploding and I was sweating profusely. That is when I knew I can’t continue my hiking and feel disappointed of myself. I really wanted to go up there but I know I can’t push myself over the limit. Luckily, husband was being very understanding. He sent me down and continue his journey to the peak with other members.

Feeling bad, I threw myself into one of the blue lagoons. Took a deep breath before I dived in. I breathe deeply to the fresh air and the scent of wild leaves tingling in my nose. I can smell wet damp mosses around me and the cold wind blew against my face. I then surrendered myself to the bubbly mini waterfall and tried to meditate. The calmness, peacefulness is what I miss the most now. My soul yearning for it. I wanted to stay in the jungle. Forever.

1300 hrs – Sasha, my husband and the rest returned from Camp 23′. I looked at those beautiful photos in jealousy. How I wish I can turn back time, how I wish I am fit enough to finish my climb.



1600 hrs – It is time to say goodbye. Every single litter, cans and even a candy wrapper were not left behind. Respect mother nature, you would not want to hurt her, the only true paradise. I will come back for you. I promise I will come back. Not a single day passed by without thinking of you. I can hear the earth is singing to me now, whispering its melancholic melody. I still can hear the chirping birds and crickets sounds. So calm. And so peaceful.

The end.


Hutan Lipur Jerangkang, Pahang – Of the Virgin Woods and Yellow Butterflies (Part 1)

25 April 2015 (Saturday)

I did not sleep the whole day. I had butterflies in my belly, my heart pounding fast as I can’t wait any longer to step my toes on jungle soils, or walk through the deep trees of Jerangkang. It was 3.30 AM when I left the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur without turning back.

5.30 AM – We reached Masjid Kg Gelugor via Srijaya exit. My cousin called Jefri, our 4WD guy who is responsible in bringing all of us to the Jerangkang jungle. Well, apparently he just woke up. So, we waited. Took the opportunity to get our backpacks and camping gears ready. Saw few backpackers as well. Perhaps waiting for their transport too. I had my trekking sandals on. Make sure that everything is in order. It was a chilly morning. Wished the food stall next to the mosque was open because I was hungry as hell. A plate of Nasi Lemak and Teh ‘O’ would be perfect.

Human trafficking. LOL.

We squeezed ourselves into the back of a Hilux. There were fourteen of us including a toddler and I was told that larger group requires a 1 tonne lorry! Phew! For your information, 4WD rental is only at RM30 per pax and this price is for return transfers. Affordable, right? There are two roads that you can use to reach Jerangkang. One is for normal cars and another is an off road with bumpy, muddy, tougher trails accessible only by four-wheel drives. Trust me, you have to try the off road. It was fun, challenging and literally painful in the ass. The best thing about it, is the view! Breathtakingly beautiful sunrise, fresh air and greens everywhere; a combination of rubber and oil palm tree plantation, creeks, thick mist and voices of the earth that you would not want to miss.

Reached 4WD drop-off point exactly one hour later. Walked about fifteen minutes of easy trail while enjoying the beautiful scenery to the second base camp. Set up our tents, fly sheet, unpack our food and cooking equipments. My duty was of course, the thing I am best at, which is cooking. Lol. Prepared sardines in tomato sauce, omelette and veges stirred in coconut milk for lunch. But we devoured them clean at 9.30 AM. Haha. Without waiting further, we went to the lower tier of Jerangkang waterfall. The depth was quite shallow. No life jacket required. At least for me. The water is freaking cold I almost fainted from hypothermia. Kidding, kidding. But seriously, it was ice cold.



We then decided to climb up a bit. And that is when all the excitements started. The place is crazily beautiful. I almost cried when I saw tiers of blue lagoons, the crystal clear waterfall and I could not wait any longer to soak my entire body in it. The water is so clear I can see school of fish swimming through my feet, biting my toes and then disappear. The water is so deep and blue. I floated happily while the sun shone brightly upon me. There are no words to describe my feelings. Never I feel so alive, feel so motivated makes me wanna bow down to mother nature. Sometimes the scent of wild animal faeces came across my nostrils and somehow it soothes me. The earth has music to those who listen, George Santayana once said and the god of the trees, the sun and the river is singing her unchained melody to me.